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Match Your Customer, Remarketing and Targeted Ad Placement

Take advantage of the tools within Google Adwords. Did you know you can use the customer match capability and its awesome ability to handle your remarketing lists? You can also increase your performance in the Google Search Network with customers that you have met online before...or encountered. :)

This useful tool of Customer Matching allows you upload a list of customer emails, so you can target those individuals who have subscribed to your business before. Whether it was a newsletter or your blog.

Adwords can create your remarketing lists based on the details you want to be specific on. This way you can create a list of users who have, for example, visited your website but then decided to leave without making a purchase.

Both of these options of targeted marketing give you more control over how you come up on the search network and what content appears to the shoppers you select.

Matching Your Customers

Uploading a file is pretty simple when using a customer match. The first thing you want to do is collect all of the email addresses of the users you are focusing in reaching. This can be an audience that is particular -- like those who are interested in the product you sell. The second thing you can do is upload that list of email addresses to your Google Adwords.

Once these email addresses are uploaded in your file, Google will then encrypt the list (even if you haven't already done so) and save them to your Customer Match Group and mark the main file to be deleted. After this, you can then select any existing or new marketing campaign to reach only the people within the group you created.

The advantage here is that this type of remarketing can help you connect with groups you know rather than trying to connect with users through the Search Network. As mentioned earlier, the group you have saved may be interested in specific products or services you already sell. You pretty much saved yourself the work in finding new groups and adding them to your customer base. So the next time you want to promote a product sale or do any upgrades, dive into your Customer Match bucket and you may just find higher conversion rates by making that drafted effort.

Remarketing List

Focus the customer group who have visited your business before. Even though they have not made a purchase at your store, they might still be interested in all or some of the products you sell. You can reach these potential customers from time to time until you increase your conversions

It is very easy to get started. Begin by doing the following next steps below:

Use this Google Adwords Code. Then navigate Adwords to Shared Library --> Audiences. Click "+Remarketing List" to add a list and then "+Rule" to add rules.

The steps are very easy to how you upload a Customer Match List.

Once you have done the above steps, you can then create a list of visitors you want to target within the department (Ad Groups) of your business. Example: Men's Shoes. Once you organize yourself you can label them in what makes it easier for you. You can label it "Shoes" and add a rule such as "URL contains shoes" to begin collecting users. Adwords, in that case, will add any visitor to your new remarketing list who has reached a page on your site that has a URL with the word "shoes" in it. The site would fulfill such a qualification.

The cool thing is that you can add multiple rules based on what your sites URL is. When you set up conditions such as "contains" or "does not contain" as rules in your menu, you can use these as negative keywords that your remarketing list will scan.

The time frame of how long your list will last will remain active roughly around 540 days. However, you can always change the settings to meet your needs. This way it works with how you're reaching your visitors. These options and features work with a variety of products you sell. Making it so much easier to use Customer Match and Remarketing Lists.

Even though these are very simple tools to use. It can be overwhelming for many new Adwords Advertisers and for those who have had more experience using the advertising channel.

Your time is important. Are you giving 100% of your focus to this? How much attention can you pay to your account and website throughout the week?

The neat thing is that we live and breathe this stuff. As Certified Adwords and Marketing Professionals we're here to help.

We can help you in every step of the way. You can try our service for 30 days for only $5 (regularly $399/month).

Click the button below to chat with us and get you started.

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