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Let's Talk Basics: Your Bottom Line IS AFFECTED By Your Quality Scores. Read Below to learn how

Every business consists of two most important things: Money & the experience to its customers. No matter what the level of experience it is, customers have to be able to have fantastic experiences so that each business can grow its revenue. Google's main focus is just that. Customers are its online users and that is their core focus with their products.

As far as Adwords, being a product that Google has launched -- 69% of this product is Google's Revenue. Obviously this is an important product to Google and it is doing its best to make it into a useful tool for all industries. They have completely thought this through with its bidding system that allows them to maximize on profit within their market.

The question really is -- what is Google doing to establish a good user experience to those who click on an Adword Ad and continue coming back and click another Adwords Ad again?

The answer is -- QUALITY SCORE. This is Google's solution to help its advertisers with the best practices that give users the best experiences overall. However, nearly 9/10 Adwords advertisers are unaware of what Quality Score even is or how it directly affects their margins.

Here's the breakdown:

Higher Quality Scores for one of many Adwords you've created is the result of you paying less in your ranking. Here's an example: Let's say you have a Quality Score of 5/10 and you wan to rank in the second position in a search query. But, your competitor is already sitting in that second position with a quality score of 6/10. Well your competitor is bidding $1 to take that ranking. To outbid your competitor, you would need to change your bidding to $1.17 to sit above them even if you both had the same quality score of 6/10. To sit above your competitor you would need to bid $1.01 to outrank them. Many times a 10% increase can make a huge difference in your position.

Quality Score Google Adwords

QUALITY SCORES -- How can you improve them?

The answer is very

simple. Always focus on providing the best most relevant experience to your users with the ads you provide that are thorough in grammar and well executed. Your Ad Groups are your themes to your business or departments so structure them with similar keywords and Ad Copies. The landing pages also play a huge role in making the experience relevant.

Here are Google's Best Practices:

Users Devices: Do Matter.

Whether the user is using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, take this into account because this is how Ad Quality is calculated. Make sure the your site is optimized for all three varieties. If you have not yet done so -- try targeting your users on mobile devices with specific mobile-friendly ads and pages. Google doesn't require that you have a separate mobile site but you should make sure that information is easy to find with an intuitive design for its mobile users.

Relevance: Do Matter.

Fitting your ad into what users are searching for is the heart of your Quality Score for each ad. The more relevant you are to their search -----> whether they are shopping, doing a task, or surfing your page for information; they all result in high quality scores

Newly Launched Keywords: Do Matter.

Try focusing on how relevant your keywords are to your landing pages ads you already have. This will give you a better way to understand the relevance between them to craft your ad. Expand and grow your searches that are relevant so your ads can have the potential for high quality scores.

Snapshot in reviewing your Quality Score

Keywords --> Columns --> Attributes --> Quality Score --> Add --> Apply

Following these steps will help you have a list of your Adwords anytime you're your account.

All in all

Have you determined what your Quality Score is? Are you above average? Below Average or Average?

We hope that after reading this you are able to understand the importance of Quality Score and how it affects the bottom line.

We understand there might be a lot of questions that you might have... hey you're not alone. The neat thing is that we live and breathe this stuff. As Certified Adwords and Marketing Professionals we're here to help.

We can help you in every step of the way. You can try our service for 30 days for only $5 (regularly $399/month).

Click the button below to chat with us and get you started.

Google Adwords Marketing

The Users Device: It Matters

Wether they are

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