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Campaigns For Online Shopping Can Help Your Online Store Grow

Online Shopping Campaigns

Nowadays most businesses of any kind or size have online stores where their current and potential new customers can shop online for their services and products. Furthermore, there are businesses online that propel solely on their online business model to generate sales. Your business might fall under either or but growing your sales overall is important for your business.

Within Adwords you have different objectives that could benefit you in the direction you are willing to take it. Adwords text ads may be one type of objective you're already working on but wouldn't it be cool if you could do more? How about shopping campaigns in stead? This is a cool avenue if you want to promote your catalog with more ease. Text Ads focus just on text. Shopping Campaigns focus more in displaying your product(s) with images, short descriptions and even pricing to Google searchers before they click on a running campaign.

Shopping Campaigns: Build them.

First you'll need the right set up in place when it comes to creating shopping campaigns. We've got you covered on how to go about this with easy to follow instructions in the link below.

Click Here for the set-up Adwords Help Page.

Once you're in, find the shopping selector when you click "Campaign" in the Campaigns tab within your dashboard in you Adwords account. From here, you will be able to follow a few prompts that will help set up your campaign accordingly. You can also add in your settings like the country in which the products will be sold. Your Merchant ID will be up to date with your new campaign. Bid strategies are super important so you can definitely access these too, one you know what countries you want your specific ads to appear. Note -- A Bidding Strategy can work wonders here as well.

First reach the shopping selector after clicking "Campaign" in the Campaigns tab of your Adwords dashboard. This will lead you to a series of prompts that define the details of your campaign. Among these prompts, you will add the country in which you sell products and the Merchant ID that will inform your new campaign. You will also be able to choose your bid strategy and in what countries you want your ads to appear. The Maximize Clicks strategy can work well here.

Setting up your Google Merchant Center Account: Follow the simple steps in the link.

When you set up your Google Merchant Center Account, you are then able to use this as a station where you can track first time and repeat buyers through your online products. The neat thing is that Shopping Campaigns retain important information from your Merchant Center Account such as the keywords that are relevant to the products you sell online. When you keep and maintain your online store in order, then the ads you run will follow behind in capturing more of the customers you want.

Hold It Steady

Every new strategy can have difficult moments especially if you are focusing on a new online strategy. There is so much to cover within Googles online strategies and it is quite a challenge to post it all in this blog. Which is why we're taking a slice of the pie to cover and offer you the most important advice: Don't mix and shake up what you're doing

The creation of a Merchant Center Account and setting up the Adwords account to work together can be overwhelming -- Now think of how overwhelming it can be to keep a close observation on your product descriptions in a timely fashion and holding it all steady? It's literally a full time job.

Alright -- so let's say you have used Adwords text ads before, with that experience you also know that by using ineffective keywords that are similar or repeat themselves is not as efficient as diversifying them. This for the most part does not work in drawing in the buyers you want. The Merchant Center uses the descriptions of your products as keywords so it makes it easier to kill two birds with one stone and simplifying your work.

The Search Engine Journal highlights good points in how the relevance of keywords would have them compete against each other in their Adwords bids.

You always want to focus in creating theme like groups that separate your products. You can use theme like groups to make it easier to organize yourself and keep them apart.

For example using the keyword "sweater" and "womens sweater" would not be useful because they're similar in what type of keyword(s) they are. Don't go into different paths when they're the same or have close relevance.

There is no doubt that your website and Adwords account will need consistent attention. If all of this seems overwhelming, you're not alone.

The neat thing is that we live and breathe this stuff. As Certified Adwords and Marketing Professionals we're here to help.

We can help you in every step of the way. You can try our service for 30 days for only $5 (regularly $399/month).

Click the button below to chat with us and get you started.

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