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Learn To Optimize Landing Page To Capture Your Audience

Landing Page Optimization

We're pretty sure you've seen these Landing Pages when browsing along your favorites sites or whenever you do your online shopping. Here is an example of a great Landing Page from Acorns. Simplicity and a clear message goes a long way to capture subscribers or when you want your audience to take action on your site.

When creating one think to yourself: How good does it look? Does it match the message I want to portray? Is it easy to use?

If you have a strategy in pointing users to your website, your landing page has to up and running to meet Google's standards for you achieve successful marketing campaigns within Adwords. The landing page experience is defined by the content you're focusing on, easy navigation, to the explanations of the products and services you're offering. If these are not within Googles standards, Adwords will not send traffic to your website of where you want your potential new customers to be.

It's All In The Content

Believe it or not, Google can determine how well your content is to be used within Adwords. The structure of your text within your landing page and Ads is what drives traffic when it's correctly optimized.

You want to make sure you focus your Ad Groups (themes or departments) of your Campaigns (Your Business) to match what you want Google to do. Otherwise, it won't be properly executed and Google will not deliver because it is not appropriately structured.

It's All In The Details

Making it simple for your customers matters. Don't drive them through a puzzle to try to find what they are looking for because it will cause them to leave and search somewhere else. Google recognizes this and wants to make sure simplicity to your users is provided. Earn your customers trust.

It's All In The Navigation

Easy, easy, easy. Just make it easy. Think about it this way, if you're thinking way too much on how to execute something such as a design or the way your website behaves -- you might be doing too much thinking and making it harder rather than simple. Simplicity goes a long way and it is exactly what you need when creating a Landing Page.

It's All In The Loading Time

Lastly, Google does measure loading speeds throughout your website. When a page loads faster, in Google's eyes, you just stand out. Also, keep in mind that your users or customers don't want to wait forever to wait for a page to load. Keep them sane by focusing on simplicity. Remember the more simple you are, functionality and user interaction thrive. A site that has too much will not work and make it more difficult for you to use and stay away from restricted content.

The neat thing is that we live and breathe this stuff. As Certified Adwords and Marketing Professionals we're here to help.

We can help you in every step of the way. You can try our service for 30 days for only $5 (regularly $399/month).

Click the button below to chat with us and get you started.

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