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Results matter. The right team and proper strategies are your key to profitable Return On Investment. Partnering with H E X A Media Cloud brings an expert in your industry. We have been working in Adwords since the beginning days of Pay-Per-Click. We know what it takes to have successful Adword Campaigns and make our clients profitable.

Adwords Campaign Build 

Whether you're using an existing Adwords account and/or building a new search campaign -- our team will look at your database for the best performing keywords, ads and landing pages. We will then brainstorm to implement ideas from your competitors and create campaigns that will have a solid foundation your market.

Professional Ad Copy

Ad objectives are our specialty. We know what it takes for customers to click on your ad by capturing their attention through running profitable campaigns. Our team knows what ad your business needs to convert and get you the traffic you want. 

Google Adwords Optimization 

Google Optimization from our team corrects the settings on your ads for improved performance on different devices, ad rotation, bidding methods and other ad creation features. Google Adwords standards aren't a fit for everyone -- so they need to be tailored specifically for your business and industry. We'll provide the shortcut for best performing campaigns within the best time frame of delivery. 

Competition Research

Understanding your competitors is key to getting the right traction for your paid marketing efforts. We do the research so you don't have to. What might be working for your competition doesn't mean it's going to work the same for you. We'll use your competition strategy to brainstorm and implement ideas that are unique to your industry.

Google Certified Analysts

Before our analysts work on real Adword Campaigns -- extensive training and certification through Google is required. We also have additional training within our agency.

A/B Split Testing

Comparisons are important in understanding key metrics within all Ad Objectives. For every ad we we create split tests against each other to measure opportunities and improve performance

Unlimited Email Support

Accessibility is super important to us, so that's why any questions or specific requests you have -- you can reach us at any time or any day. A clear picture will always be available with strategies and progress so you can get updates at any time. 

Monthly Reports 

Each month you'll receive a full report for your campaigns. Details on performance, campaign statistics, user reach and behavioral insights. All top keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns will be included. You can request these at any time. 

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